Wire2Air New Dashboard Released

We have been working hard from last couple months to bring new exciting features clients have been asking for and new look for the dashboard.

Looks great
Easy to use
Lots of new features

New Features

Google Sign-In

Users can now login with Google Sign-in. To enable to feature for your account, you must change User Name to your email address.

Email Address as User Id

No need to remember your account user name, you can use your email address as a User Name.

Single Sign-On (SAML)

Login to the portal directly from Google gSuite or Azure using Single Sign-on (SAML).

Text Enable Landline

You can now add texting to your business landline number without changing voice provider. Submit and track landline texting feature online through the dashboard. The option is available under the Text Numbers menu.

Excel Add-In

Excel Add-In for personalized mass texting directly from Excel is now available, it can be accessed from Integrations menu.

Click to Text

Customers can initiate a text message chat conversation with your business texting number directly from the website.

Text Messenger Enhancement

A new text chat feature allows you to respond to customer questions, send individual messages, and archive messages. The Messenger can be launched as a stand-alone tool. Give your customer agent access to stand-alone text messenger tool. Initiate a quick text or reply to customers' questions.

Google Chrome Extension

Now send and receive text messages directly from Google Chrome extension. Search "Wire2Air" in the Google Web Store to install the extension.

Message Center

Access all critical account alerts via Message Center. Wire2Air to deliver all critical account alerts and notices to clients via the Message center.

Time Zone Settings

Now you can schedule messages or view reports based on your local timezone. To change timezone settings go to User Profile.

Security Enhancement

Two Factor autentication

Secure your account using Two-Factor authentication is available for all accounts. You can use Google Authenticator APP or SMS for 2FA.

API Keys

Getting away from using the UserID and password for API calls. API keys are now available for all API integrations instead of UserId and Password. The user

Trusted computer

Trusted computer prompt, if we detect a login from a new device you will be prompted to verify your account with a PIN sent to your email address.

Navigation Improvements

Most frequently features are added to root menu, no more drilling down the nvaigation

New Button

New button added on the home screen; which provides access to initiate new broadcast messages, Quick Text, Create User, etc.

User Profile

Access to the user profile is available right from the home screen. Access your profile directly from the dashboard


Campaign menu now provides access to the Outbound campaigns (Mass Text Messages) and Inbound Campaigns such as Text-2-Join, Autoresponder, Polling & Survey.

Manage Text Number

Manage all your text numbers, add a new number, Enable landline texting, configure call forwarding, manage a pool of numbers for international routing as well as manage pool of numbers for USA/Canada local numbers for load balancing purpose.

New Menu Items

We consolidated and grouped some of the menus under relevant functionality


Added to bring all automation in one place. With Automations, you can Add/Edit Inbox Rules, Drip messages, Reoccuring messages, and Birthday Messages


Brings all integrations in one place, such as Wire2Air APIs, MailChimp, Salesforce, Zendesk, Outlook, Excel, and Zapier


Facilitate a one-to-one text messaging feature, respond to customer SMS requests, replies to the mass text message campaign, and just send one-off text messages.


Brings Web signup form and a newly added feature, Click-to-Text in one place. Click-to-Text is a widget for website allow visitors to initiate text messages with your business texting number directly from the web.

Contacts (Subscribers)

Now you can create new lists directly from Contacts (Subscribers) screen. And No need to format your CSV, during Import you can map imported fields to the contact fields.

Go ahead and test drive new portal

Use your user id and password to login to the new portal, you can always use the current system anytime

Got any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out.